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Should a system be down in the colo, main office or remote facilities DMZ Services is here to help get you back online in the shortest time possible.

Mission critical environments are nothing new to the consultants with DMZ Services. We are able to focus in on the problem at hand and get the servers back online in as short a time period as possible.

If you have a Unix or Security emergency, send a page for more immediate response. Please keep message short as some recipients can not receive long messages.

You do not need to have an emergency to need a little extra support. Like many small and large companies are finding out, today's UNIX systems can run with very little supervision. So, when it comes time to add new features or build new projects and need a little extra expertise an outside professional is sometimes quicker, easier and cheaper than hiring another full time employee.

Whether it be a 2 day scripting job or 6 month multi-colo server roll-out DMZ Services has the expert for you. Contact us today with your system needs.

DMZ Services also has service contracts available to ensure someone is available to assist you in a timely manner. Contact us for a quote.
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