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Once the system architecture has been decided on, it is time to get down to the serious work of putting it all together. This is when the experience of DMZ Services consultants quickly pays for itself.

With pre-established system guidelines and hundreds of new system installations completed, our consultants are able to have the systems up and running for the development to begin ASAP.

Once development is completed, each production system is tuned during QA and Load testing to optimize the environment the application(s) run within and provide the developers with feedback on which areas the application(s) put the greatest load.

Upon completion of system installations, DMZ Services provides complete documentation of system(s) configuration.
These include (but are not limited to):

  • Hardware configuration
  • System settings for custom hardware (raid,etc)
  • Kernel Configurations
  • Applications installed on each server
    with installation and configuration instructions
  • Network Diagrams (as JPG or Visio)
  • Any notes on misc. information Consultant took while installing

Contact us if our specialized consultants can help with configuring a new or existing systems.

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