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Just as your security Audit is usually defined prior to installation, your system and network security monitoring should be installed prior to "going live." But as this is usually not possible in today's business world, DMZ Services, Inc. is here to provide, install and optionally remotely monitor your systems and networks (both internal and the Internet) for unauthorized access attempts, break-ins or denial of service attacks.

While network firewalls are installed in most of today's businesses, they don't protect against someone using "authorized" services, such as a broken or out of date nameserver or webserver, or protect against an internal attack upon your accounting or database servers. They do not notice if any files have been changed with out authorization within the systems behind them or catch machines within your network sniffing your employee passwords.

With new technologies available every month, the security experts at DMZ Services are here to provide your company with the best solutions available to ensure information integrity, and service availability for your customers.

Contact our security experts today to find out what options are available to you.

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